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In May 2019, I received an incredible opportunity to take a break from the daily noise and distractions of life as a creative producer. I attended the HOTHOUSE Women Cultural Creative Leadership retreat, a five-day guided journey to become a more authentic, courageous, and effective leader and change agent. The retreat was held at the Eden Project in Cornwall, a beautiful and calming environment that allowed me to recharge and develop myself.


During the retreat, I enjoyed guided nature trails, evening meals in the Mediterranean bio-dome, and even a night in the tropical bio-dome. The experience was immersive and transformative, and I was guided by a team of national and international coaches and facilitators.

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One of the most memorable moments of the retreat was a day trip to Hemmick Beach. I saw a beautiful bunch of wildflowers growing in a crevice in the rock face, exposed to the rain, sun, and saltwater.


Despite the harsh environment, the flowers thrived and danced in the early May sunshine. This reminded me that we can still survive and thrive even in difficult circumstances.


From the retreat, I learned several valuable lessons. Firstly, we can get caught up in the noise around us and the negative thoughts in our heads. Secondly, as women, we often downplay our successes and don't celebrate them enough. Thirdly, as black women, we can be so focused on supporting ourselves and our families that we don't take the time to enjoy our accomplishments.


Before the retreat, people often asked me how I had achieved my successes, and I would always say, "I just do it." However, over the years, I realised  I had acquired a valuable toolkit of knowledge, processes, and strategies that enabled me to be successful.


I wanted to share this knowledge with other women and empower and coach them to achieve their goals. I was already providing advice and guidance, but I realised that the coaching process is not about telling women about how they can be a carbon copy of another person. NO.  

Coaching helps you to take responsibility for your life, let go of what others think and become your true self. it's about creating the life you want - and deserve." Emma-Louise Elsey.

In 2022, I invested in myself by completing a Corporate and Executive Diploma at the Coaching Academy. Last year, I am proud to have achieved the Diploma with Distinction.  The investment in undertaking the Diploma was essential to me because I wanted to demonstrate to my clients that their investment in me as their coach is valuable.

My goal is to help ambitious women elevate their excellence to achieve leadership or entrepreneurial success.  

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