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Hello, I am passionate about enabling YOU to achieve your goals and dreams

 I am a qualified professional corporate and executive coach. My area of expertise is coaching women who are starting their career journey. I help them navigate the corporate space and progress their development to build purposeful, profitable, and progressive careers. Additionally, I assist women who have experienced significant changes in their life circumstances. I help them gain clarity and confidence and create a plan of action to achieve their goals, whether they desire a change in direction or are starting their entrepreneurial journey.

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Here's how you can work with me

A 90-minute introductory session

Elevating Your Excellence 1:1 30-day programme


In my 90-minute introductory coaching session, I will provide you with valuable insights and an understanding of the coaching process.  In this personalized conversation, I will explain my coaching approach and methodology and how it can benefit you and support your career development or entrepreneurial journey.


I will help you to gain clarity for your vision and mission, as well as the goals and impact you want to make. We will discuss your aspirations, challenges, and current strengths and skills. I will help you identify areas in which you excel and those where you may require additional support and development.


We will also brainstorm some initial action steps that you can start taking to achieve your goals. You will be able to ask questions, address any concerns, and discuss the next steps. We will explore the possibility of continuing with coaching via my 30-day coaching programme or my group programme.

Introductory Coaching Session

What my clients have said..

A breath of rarefied air on the coaching landscape has emerged! Pamela has been the type of marketplace mentor I have needed to meet professional benchmarks.  With keen acumen and thorough knowledge of the disciplines a CEO must master, Pamela guided me through the complexities of a startup business.     Melvita

Are you a professional, ambitious woman seeking professional growth and success but feeling stuck and unsure where to start?

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NO CLEAR DIRECTION                                       You end up making choices or doing things that either don't make a difference or set you back.



Limiting your outlook and progression

for the life YOU desire.

COUNTLESS EXCUSES                                       I want to but.. I would like to but.. Now is not the right time I’m going to start but...


Around the next step(s), resulting in a cycle of frustration and procrastination.

A SCATTER GUN APPROACH                             Not focused on one method. Jumping from one shiny new thing to another to see quick results.


Letting people’s negativity impact your self-esteem and confidence and keep you back or stuck.

Here is the dilemma: You already have what it takes to be your best self, make the change, and start your journey to success. You may have had a couple of false starts, veered off course or got sidetracked by the noise of daily life, but deep down, your ambitions and goals are still alive, albeit with a slight flicker.   You require guidance, support, clarity and a coach to uncover your brilliance and awesomeness, silence your inner critic, negative audio talk and let your light start to shine brightly. I am here to coach you to recognise your purpose and brilliance and help YOU empower and ELEVATE YOUR EXCELLENCE.



My 30-day 1:1 coaching program is designed to help you identify your goals, overcome limiting beliefs, and create a step-by-step action plan to achieve your career or entrepreneurial goals for success. 

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In addition,  I will provide:

  • Homework and reflective exercises to enable you to focus on the progress of your goals.

  • Resource sharing –providing relevant articles, books and tools to support you throughout your coaching journey.

  • To enable you to be accountable throughout the programme, you will receive 2 x 15-minute telephone calls.

Invest in YOURSELF 

Pamela encouraged me to think differently about my situation and helped me to create new possibilities for how I could move forward. As a result of the coaching, I have a clear plan to achieve my goals, tangible outputs, and successes that set me up for the future. I have more confidence about trying something new and am motivated to take things further.   Susan

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