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 'You only got the job or promotion because your black.

 For some employees, these words are all too familiar.


These comments can erode the confidence and resilience of the most competent employee.


It can lead to:

  • self-limiting beliefs 

  • or the reverse -  burn out trying to prove they deserve the job/promotion. 


These factors can lead to

  • a decrease in productivity

  • demotivated employees

  • high turnover of employees


But your organisation recognises the value of investing in their employees.

You want …


                         your employees to realise their untapped potential to contribute 

                         effectively to the organisation


                         nurture the investment you have already made and assist your

                         employees with their progression through the organisation


                        to maintain their retention to enable them to maximise the opportunities

                         available in the organisation and progress within the organisation.   

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The ASPIRE programme is for black and ethnically diverse employees in junior roles in the organisations. It is a series of six tailored modules focused on





Acknowledging your success


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  • An understanding of historical influencers and their impact.


  • An enhanced mindset to increase their confidence, self-esteem, and recognise their worth.


  • The clarity to communicate their value and impact to the organisation.


  • The strategies to deal with paralysing self-limiting beliefs and imposter syndrome


  • The tools to develop their mission statement to plot their career trajectory.


  • Developing the talent pool of Black and Ethnically diverse employees.

  • Providing practical strategies for Black and ethnically diverse employees to navigate their career paths within the organisation.

  • Renewed, re-energised and refocused employees with an understating of their worth and the value they can contribute to the organisation.

'I want to take the opportunity to thank you for your collaboration with HMCTS. The supporting listening sessions with HMCTS RISE network and rolling out bite-size cultural awareness training.   The bespoke ASPIRE sessions and the insight you bring have been very well received.  



Kevin Sadler

Acting Chief Executive
HM Courts and Tribunals S

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If you are serious about improving and developing the skills and contributions of your black and ethnically diverse staff and would like to find out more about how the ASPIRE programme can be tailored to your organisation, then why not take advantage of a free 20 minutes chat.


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