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Saturday 18th and Sunday19th March 2023
10.00 am - 4.00 pm

Are you a smart, ambitious, and high-performing woman?


seeking a career promotion or career change, an emerging entrepreneur but stuck, or fast-approaching burnout (or already there)? There's so much you can do to change your current situation, but exhausted or overwhelmed to begin?


You know 'something' needs to change but with no real idea of where or how to start.

Activation is a two-day weekend of practical training, exercises and group coaching to inspire, educate, and bring you success rather than trying to figure out the next steps without support or guidance.  

It is focused on equipping you with the tools and strategies to make impactive progress and lay the foundations, so you start in the best possible place.







Activation will:

Develop your mindset

Enable you to develop the mindset you need to achieve your ultimate success – your mindset is the difference between staying stuck where you are and going further than before. You'll build the strategies and tools needed to enhance your focus and switch to a growth mindset.

Take inspired action

Be unstoppable – You'll learn how to align your intention and vision with action effectively. No more pie in the sky; you'll create real change that brings actual results.

Live Coaching

Activation is delivered online by professional coaches Bianca Marquez and Pamela Roberts, both with their areas of specialism and a common goal of equipping, supporting and developing women to become empowered and realizing their full potential. 

Get you unstuck

Work on getting past any internal or external blockers so that you can uncover your routes to happiness and fulfilment.

Creating a long-lasting strategy

We'll bring together the whole weekend by developing your personal strategy, so you leave feeling supported and well-equipped as you keep the momentum going long after the programme is finished.

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ACTIVATION will help you to



  • Get unstuck, get the wheels in your mind turning again, and make impactful progress on your personal or professional goals.


  • Take inspired action and achieve success without feeling overwhelmed. 


  • Build the confidence you need to advance your career or personal aspirations.


  • Re-balance your life and work as you shift to a more productive, positive and purposeful you, equipping you with the skills you need to elevate your personal & professional growth.


  • Utilise a framework that provides limitless growth potential and progresses your current situation.  


  • Align your vision with action, removing the stress and fatigue involved in decision-making, helping you make change efficiently.



  • A tangible living action plan to progress your development to achieve your new goals.


  • Be supported in a way that accelerates your progress, providing the momentum you need to make forward strides.


  • Learn actionable solutions and tools that develop the skills you need to create, implement and sustain long-lasting change.


  • Have the ability to recognise your value and worth.


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What you can expect....

The Activation weekend is jam-packed with essential topics that feed into your ability to create change & achieve success.

We'll be covering topics such as;


Day 1 - Saturday, 18th March 

Mindset - We're going to get into the nitty-gritty and teach you the strategies that successful women use.

  • Personal Stories - What makes you, well you? And how you can leverage that to your advantage.

  • Goal-setting - How do you break through and cut the confusion to the chase?

Day 2 - Sunday 19th March 

  • Building the momentum - We're going to look at how your beliefs come into play and address the factors that are keeping you from moving forward.

  • Coaching in Action - We'll work on one key goal or challenge you have from beginning to end. 

  • Maintain momentum - How to keep it going - We'll show you how to develop your action plans so that they are geared to your success and how you can build your support networks!

Hey There


Invest in yourself

This amazing two-day programme is now available at



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Wait - there's even more…

I know how scary and daunting it can be to invest in yourself, especially when you're not sure you'll see results. That's why when you join Activation, these bonuses worth over £200 are included.

  • Bonus workbooks

  • Yours to keep workbooks on key action steps to make it even easier for you to implement change and achieve results. 

Early-Bird Registration

I want to make it as easy as possible for you to say YES, so I'm offering an early-bird registration of £149.00 until Monday,13th March 2023.

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Can I pay in instalments? 

YES. We want to make the programme accessible to you. Payment can be made in two instalments. The first payment will be by March 13th, and the final payment by March 17th. However, payment by instalments will not apply to the early bird price.


Do I have to do any pre-work or prep before starting the programme?

YES. After you've booked your place, you'll receive a confirmation email with a few questions for you to answer. You'll need to complete this ahead of the first session. We'll use this information to get the most out of our time together.


I'm worried about the investment. What if I don't achieve the shift/change/result I want?

It's impossible not to experience a shift; the extent is up to you. It's entirely up to you how much of what you want to achieve. I'll give you all the support, tools and direction you need to progress – the rest is for you to do. The more you put in, the more you get out.


I'm still determining if I am 100% sold on the group training and coaching programme. How will I get the individual support I need?

There's so much to gain from being part of a group training and coaching programme; the support, the conversation, and the insights are second to none (and I haven't even mentioned the energy and collaboration), and as an extra, you organically expand your network. 


Will this help me get unstuck?

The weekend looks at the key themes you need to get right if you want to map out and create your success, and we deep-dive into them. As a certified Life Coach, I know how to help you move forward so that you can make the progress you need to reach your goals and achieve success.




You agree that you are participating in the Activation Programme at your own risk and that we shall not be liable under any circumstances for any matter arising out of your participation (other than for issues for which we are not legally able to exclude or limit liability such as death or personal injury caused by our negligence or fraudulent misrepresentation).


Due to the nature of coaching, we do not guarantee any particular result. We will ensure that all information we provide is accurate and up to date. Still, we shall not be liable for any claims arising from such information being inaccurate, up-to-date, or otherwise.




​​Your ticket is non-refundable but fully transferable to another person if you can no longer attend. 

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